DNC – CNC Press Brake

Synchronised Press Brake Features

SCALEN Servo Press brakes are available from 90T x 3.1m to 4000T x 12m. All our Press Brakes are manufactured from certified materials, which are both rigid and mechanically stable. Our design team can create non standard size Press Brakes to meet the unique criteria and specification of any customer using world leading 3D modelling and stress analysis software providing extremely rigid frame design resulting in accurate bending in the most demanding conditions.

All SCALEN Servo Press Brakes have a centrally mounted manifold that houses all hydraulic components. Located on the manifold are the servo valves, which control the position of each pressing ram. These valves are fed by the Y1, Y2 Linear scales located at each end frame on independent isolation mountings. This Synchronised system will keep the upper and lower tools parallel within .01mm.

Design & Manufacture
FX37200 • Synchronised cylinders (Y1, Y2)
• Servo Hydraulics
• Central hydraulic manifold
• High accuracy encoders (0.01mm)
• Encoder independent isolation mounting
• Hard chromed piston rods
• Specific high durability cylinder material
• Low noise pump
• Large capacity oil tank
• Roving foot pedal

DNC/CNC Controllers
• SCALEN CNC Control
• Range of Delem DNC Controllers
• All controls are mounted on swing pendant arms
• CNC Tonnage control
• Automatic calibration on start up

• Lazer Safe guarding systemsBack Gauge
• SICK light curtains

BackGauge Configuration
• AC Vector with ground single guide X1, X2, R, Z1, Z2)
• AC Vector with ground dual guides (X1, X2, R, Z1, Z2)
• AC Servo with ground dual guides (X1, X2, R, Z1, Z2)
• X3 finger available with SCALEN CNC
• All back gauges are modular for cost effective upgrades

Anti-deflection System
• Hydraulic anti-deflection system comprising of a rigid 3 beam system eliminates the need for shimming.
• Intermediate adjustable holders with compensation by wedges (can be used to chamber the top tooling)
• Electro mechanical crowning

Sheet Support
• Manual sheet support arms (front & rear)
• Manual front sheet support arms utilizing linear tee slot
• CNC sheet support follower controlled by DNC controls

Top Tool Clamping Systems
• Hydraulic clamping for top tooling (intermediate beam)
• Quick release clamping systems